How to download and setup Intel Unison in 2 Minutes

intel unison

Everyone is talking about how good the Apple ecosystem is and how inconvenient it is to link a windows pc with an iPhone. Although there are apps like Phone link by Microsoft that somehow manages to do the job but as Phone link is mostly designed for linking Android with windows pc and it does a pretty bad job with iOS.  Finally, Intel came up with a decent solution to this problem.

Intel unison doesn’t come close to the Apple ecosystem but it outperforms all its competitors like Phone link app. You can share files and images, and receive calls and notifications from your android or iOS devices directly to the PC.

What is intel Unison?

Just like Microsoft’s phone link, Intel Unison allows you to connect your pc to your iPhone or Android device.

It is basically a competitor of Phone link with a wide range of features like file transfer, send/read notifications, make calls, and more.

Features of intel unison

  • One-time quick pairing
  • Cross-OS functionality (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Send, receive, and reply to SMS and iMessages
  • Reply to notifications
  • Incoming and outgoing calls directly from your PC


  • Your pc must be running on Windows 11 22H2 build.
  • For Android smartphones, android 9 or above.
  • For iOS, iOS 15 or above.

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How to download and setup Intel unison

  • First head to the Microsoft Store page on your pc and click the “Get in Store app” button. This will redirect you to the Microsoft Store app.
intel unison
  • Click on “get” to download and install Intel unison
intel unison store
  • After the app is installed, launch Intel unison and click on allow
intel unison setup
  • On your iOS or Android device, search and install the Intel unison app directly from the app store or play store.
  • Once you install the app, you’ll need to give a bunch of permissions. Since the app is developed by Intel itself, you don’t need to worry about the permissions you give.
  • Pair the devices with the QR code displayed on your screen.
intel unison link
  • After you scan the QR code, pairing will start automatically and you’ll need to confirm the code displayed on both devices.
Intel unison final
  • Tap on “Get started” and it is done. You can now read and reply to your messages directly from your pc and even attend calls from your pc. Cool, isn’t it?

My thoughts on Intel unison. Is it perfect?

Although Intel Unison seems like a flawless app to connect your pc with your smartphone, it does have a few drawbacks. First of all, the app doesn’t come with a dark theme which is preferred by most users. Also, screencasting isn’t available which I’m sure the developers will add pretty soon.

Other than these few drawbacks, I think the app is better than any of its competitors and I suggest you install it if you’re looking for an app to link your pc with your smartphone.

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